Panacea Massage Therapy

Therapeutic Massage for all

“The Spot Remover Package”
$179 for three 45-minute neck massages within 2 weeks, treating a current or specific neck issue. Myofascial mobilization, trigger points, and targeted stretching will increase your range of motion, overcome neck pain, improve cervical posture, and relieve and prevent headaches.

''The Weary Shoveler Package”
$149 for two 60-minute massages within a week, treating lower-back soreness and reduced flexibility associated with everyone's favorite winter chore. Includes a pound of Lavender Epsom Salts for a hot soak at home after each treatment!

“The Gift of Giving Package”
$229 for two 60 minute Gift Certificates to give to those you love, and one 60-minute massage for yourself! Save $26!

Gift Certificates are always available at the office or through the mail. Payment can be made by check or credit card, in person or over the phone. In addition, and please mention this to your friends, I will accept valid Gift Certificates from any massage therapist within a reasonable distance as payment for your treatment!

Offering free Chair Massage has always been my favorite way to meet new clients, and I will be available 2-3 days a week at a few local morning and lunch spots to make your day. The schedule will be posted on FaceBook, look for updates. As always, the first 5 minutes are free for those I haven't worked with before, and $1 a minute for those who are already fans...

These days you can find me at:
Blue Moon Evolution, Clifford St. Exeter
Good Karma Cafe, Lincoln St. Exeter
Crackskulls Coffee & Books, Main St. Newmarket

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