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Winter Wonderland

  Winter can make you feel sluggish and tired, and a massage can be a real pick-me-up. It can boost your immune system as well, which is a real boon now, during cold and flu season. Studies show that regular massage therapy can boost the body’s number of “killer cells”, making it easier to fight off many of the communicable diseases that float around in the Winter months.
     A hot stone massage is a great choice on a frigid February day. The massage uses heated stones, placed on specific points, to relax and improve energy flow. It soothes cold muscles and takes the chill out of your bones.
      Another of Winter's challenges is dry air, and with dry air comes dry skin.  Massage therapy is proven to stabilize the collagen in your skin and also helps maintain your skin’s elasticity.  Also, the high quality expeller-pressed oils and lotions I use help to moisturize your skin.
     Check out this
article from the Wall Street Journal. It mentions some interesting studies and research on the benefits of consistent massage therapy as an alternative medical treatment.  "People who received one of two types of massage- one relaxing, the other more targeted- once a week for 10 weeks had less pain and disability than those who didn’t receive massage, in a study of 401 people with low back pain published last year.  Some of the benefits lasted more than 9 months after the last treatment."