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Mar 2013

Getting the word out

I've created a Google+ page and a Yelp listing.
I encourage everyone to leave a review and help me move up in the search results. Of course, no modern business is complete without a
Facebook presence, so I've started a page there for you to 'like' as well!

Referral Program

I am offering a referral program with two options so you'll have even more reason to introduce me to your friends and family. Until May, you can either have $15 off your next massage after someone you've referred comes in for a session, or after four of your friends have come in, you can have a 60-minute massage for free!

Congratulations-Holiday Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the three lucky clients who got a Winning Ticket for their massage!
1st Prize     60 minute Massage:   A.H. from Georgetown
2nd Prize   30 minute Upgrade to next Massage:   R.A. from Exeter
3rd Prize    3 jars of Organic Blueberry-Ginger Panacea:   V.S. from Exeter
Keep an eye on this section for another raffle this spring!

A Little History

As many of you may be aware, the end of last year was really challenging for me. In December of 2011, I was traveling in Egypt and was involved in a serious auto accident. With the help of a great combination of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Acupuncture practitioners, I have been able to work through all of my injuries and I am feeling fully recovered. Of course deep tissue massages were one of the most important aspects of my healing, and while I did have some help for the muscles I couldn't quite reach on my own, my recovery process gave me a new understanding of what deep tissue and myofascial release work can accomplish. It was nothing short of miraculous! Read More...

Winter Wonderland

I hope everyone is enjoying the cold clean air and new snow that has graced the Seacoast recently! Whether you've been shoveling and ice chipping, or tramping and skiing through snowy trails, nothing helps a sore back and burnt quad muscles like a great massage! Read More...