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A Little History

Incorporated in my recovery, and to broaden my expertise, I completed a Continuing Education course through the American Massage Therapy Association in Myofascial Mobilization of the Cervical Spine. These techniques, although gentle, can unlock restrictions and adhesions in the musculature and fascia of the neck that reduce or eliminate pain and greatly increase range of motion in the entire upper body.

The other condition I had to work through was sciatica that made walking and standing extremely painful. The experience of consistent work with a physical therapist has also allowed me to expand the range of techniques that I am now able to put into practice. Specifically a deeper understanding of the musculature of the lower back and hip rotators, and of the rehabilitation of sciatica and core-muscle imbalances. A few simple core exercises can reinforce the deep tissue and trigger point treatments I provide, and really make a long-term recovery possible.